Prof. Narayanan S

Professor Emeritus

E-mail: narayans@iiitdm.ac.in | Ph: +91-44-27476358


IIT Kanpur


PhD in Aeronautical Engineering


IIT Kanpur


M.Tech. in Aeronautical Engineering


Government College of Technology, Madras University


B.E in Mechanical Engineering


Research Interests

  1. Vibration and Acoustics

  2. Random Vibration

  3. Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

  4. Smart Structures

  5. Vibration and Noise Control (Active and Passive)

  6. Vehicular Vibration

Work Experience


  1. Professor Emeritus,Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Madras,(2010-2015)

  2. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Madras, (2004-2010, HAG Scale)

  3. Professor,Applied Mechanics Department, IIT Madras,(1990-2004)

  4. Professor,,Aerospace Engineering Department, IIT Madras.(1989-1990)

  5. Asst. Professor, Applied Mechanics Department, IIT Madras.(1980-1989)

  6. Asst. Professor, Aeronautical Engineering Department, IIT Kanpur,(1978-1980)

  7. Lecturer,Applied Mechanics Department, IIT Madras.(1975-1978).


  1. Research Associate, Aeronautical Engineering Department, IIT Kanpur.(1973-1975).

  2. Senior Research Assistant,Aeronautical Engineering Department,IIT Kanpur,.(1970-73).

  3. Research AssistantAeronautical Engineering Department, IIT Kanpur,(1969-70).


  1. N.C.Nigam and S.Narayanan (Book).???Applications of Random Vibration???(Springer-Verlag/Narosa) .1994

  2. S.Narayanan and R.N.Iyengar (Ed.) Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on ???Nonlinearity and Stochastic Structural Dynamics??? (Kluwer Academic) ,2001.

  3. S.Narayanan ,,A.S.Sekhar and Abhijit Sarkar.(Ed.) Proc. of Symposium on Recent Advances in Rotor Dynamics (McMillan Publishers India Ltd),2012.

Conference Publications

  1. No. of Journal Publications: 115;International (109), National (6)

  2. (Last 3years. International (11),National(0)) No. of Papers in Conference Proceedings: 142.

  3. (Last 3 Years 10. International (8), National(2)) Over 1500 citations. (h index21 as per web of science,22 as per Scopus and 26 as per Google scholar)

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