Funded Projects

Virtual energy storage based demand response algorithm to enhance the performance of the battery energy storage in smart grid

Principal Investigator: PI: Dr. Vijayakumar K Co-PI: Dr. Damodharan P
Sponsor: DST (Scheme: DST/ TMD/MES/2k18/157)
Duration: 3 years
Value: 27.49 lacs

Detection and Diagnosis of Intentional Electromagnetic Interference Attack on Critical Network

Principal Investigator: Dr Premkumar K , Dr. Prerna Saxena , Dr. Saurabh Saxena (IITM), and Dr. P. H. Rao (SAMEER CEM)
Sponsor: DST SERB
Duration: 3 Years
Value: Rs 82.84 Lakhs

Accelerated Krylov subspace-based solvers for Fourier-Galerkin based homogenization of periodic media & parallel implementations

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nachiketa Mishra
Sponsor: DST - SERB, Start-Up Research Grant (SRG)
Duration: 2 Years
Value: 13.90 Lacs

Fast solvers for the large linear systems and their convergence analysis in application to PageRank problem

Principal Investigator: Dr. Nachiketa Mishra
Sponsor: DST - SERB,Mathematical Research Impact Centric Support (MATRICS)
Duration: 3 Years
Value: 6 Lacs

Performance Enhancement and Reliable Operation of Wind-PV Distribution System Supplying AC/DC Loads with Remote Condition Monitoring

Principal Investigator: Dr. Vijayakumar K
Sponsor: DST - SERB (Scheme: YSS/2015/001473)
Duration: 2016-2020
Value: 19.89 lacs

Complexity of star colouring and its restricted version

Principal Investigator: Dr. Shalu M A
Sponsor: Mathematical Research Impact Centric Support (MATRICS)
Duration: 3 Years
Value: 6.6 Lakhs

Development of an advanced electronic device for privacy in conversation over mobile phones using active noise control techniques

Principal Investigator: Dr. Asutosh Kar
Sponsor: Global Mantra Innovations Private Limited
Duration: 3 Years
Value: 29.88 Lakhs

Development of Novel Grid Synchronization Algorithm for Grid Interactive Photovoltaic Power Generation System

Principal Investigator: Dr.B.Chitti Babu
Sponsor: DST-SERB
Duration: 2019-2021 (3 Years)
Value: 35.09 Lakhs

Development of novel deep learning, visual servoing approaches for improved detection of anti-tank mines using thermal vision assisted mobile robot

Principal Investigator: Mentor: Prof. Banshidhar Majhi Mentee: Dr Denis Ashok (VIT University)
Sponsor: TARE - DST
Duration: 3 Years
Value: 18.3 Lakhs

Development of 3D printed Wearable Button Antenna for Performance Monitoring Applications

Principal Investigator: PI: Dr K. Senthilkumaran Co-PI: Dr S.S. Karthikeyan (NIT Trichy), Dr K.V. Eswaramoorthy (IIITDM Kurnool)
Sponsor: Imprint 2
Duration: 3 Years
Value: 52.52 Lakhs

Design and development of a dual band RF Energy Harvester for Wireless Sensor Networks using Aerosol Jetting Technology

Principal Investigator: PI: Dr S.S. Karthikeyan (NIT Trichy) Co-PI: Dr K. Senthilkumaran
Sponsor: Imprint 2
Duration: 3 Years
Value: 50.94 Lakhs

Investigations on the Effect of ZnO Nanowire Interface on the Moisture Diffusion and Mechanical Performance of Composites

Principal Investigator: Dr S Gowthaman
Sponsor: RIC-DRDO
Duration: Two Years (2018-2020)
Value: 9.9 Lakhs

On Spanning Trees - Generalizations and Variants (Theory and Algorithms)

Principal Investigator: Dr Sadagopan
Sponsor: DST-SERB
Duration: Three years (2018-2021)
Value: 16 Lakhs

Photo Induced Excess Charge Mediated Fluoride Ion Filtration

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jayachandra Bingi
Sponsor: DST - SERB
Value: 25.20 Lakhs

Performance Evaluation and Modeling of Multi Agent Based Smart Manufacturing Integrated with Swarm Intelligence and IoT

Principal Investigator: PI: Dr M Sreekumar Co-PI: Dr K Prem Kumar
Sponsor: DST-ICPS
Duration: 2018-2021
Value: 35 Lakhs

Machine Learning Algorithms for Security Applications & Image Processing

Principal Investigator: Dr.V. Masilamani
Sponsor: Forensics Intelligence Surveillance and Security Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chennai
Duration: Two Years
Value: 6 Lakhs

People Counter for Bus

Principal Investigator: PI: Dr.V. Masilamani Co-PI: Prof. Banshidhar Majhi
Sponsor: Vamo Systems Private Ltd. Chennai
Duration: 1 year
Value: 2 Lakhs

Design, Development, Manufacture, and Evaluation of Laser Cut Stent Patterns for Enhanced Performance and Life

Principal Investigator: PI: Dr M Sreekumar, Co-PI: Dr K. Jayabal
Sponsor: DST - AMT
Duration: 2 years, 2018-2019
Value: Rs. 50 Lakhs

Control and Operation of Agents in a Multi-Agent Fixturing System with Swarm Control

Principal Investigator: Dr M Sreekumar
Sponsor: University of Genova, Italy
Duration: 2 Years, 2018-19
Value: 17000 Euro

Investigations on the Cell Phone Tower Radiation and Mitigation Techniques

Principal Investigator: Dr. M.D. Selvaraj
Sponsor: DST-SERB
Duration: 3 years (2018-2021)
Value: Rs 35.53 Lakhs

Vertex Separators and its Variants: Structural and Algorithmic Study

Principal Investigator: Dr. N. Sadagopan
Sponsor: National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), DAE, GOI
Duration: 3 years (2018-2021)
Value: Rs 16.23 Lakhs

Early Detection of Kidney Abnormalities in Noisy Ultrasound Images

Principal Investigator: Dr. Priyanka Kokil
Sponsor: DST-SERB
Duration: 3 years (2017-)
Value: 21.94 Lakhs

Early detection of cataract: An IoT based approach

Principal Investigator: Dr. Priyanka Kokil
Sponsor: DST-SERB
Duration: 3 years (2017-)
Value: 16.85 Lakhs

Design Innovation Centre

Principal Investigator: Dr. Naveen Kumar
Sponsor: DST
Duration: 3 years
Value: 18.00 Lakhs

Development of a computer - Assisted Surgical Methodology for Orthopedic - Bone Surgery

Principal Investigator: Dr. P. Pandithevan
Sponsor: DST
Duration: 3 years
Value: 19.14 Lakhs

Projects under Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics and IT

Principal Investigator: Dr M Sreekumar and Dr Noor Mohammad
Sponsor: Ministry of Electronics and IT, Govt. of India
Duration: 5 Years- Starting from AY 2015-16
Value: 101.874 Lakhs

Special Manpower Development Program for Chips to System Design

Principal Investigator: PI: Dr Noor Mohammad; Co-PI: Dr Binsu J Kailath
Sponsor: MEITY, Govt. of India
Duration: 3 years
Value: 92.4 Lakh

Teaching Learning Centre under the scheme Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching

Principal Investigator: Dr. S. Rajasekara Pandian
Sponsor: DHE-MHRD
Duration: 3 years
Value: 150 Lakhs

Design and Development of energy efficient freeze dryer with multiport mini-channel shelf heat exchanger

Principal Investigator: PI: Dr. B. Raja Co-PI: Dr M. Sreekumar
Sponsor: DST - SERB
Duration: 3 Years (till 2017)
Value: 23.3 Lakhs

Rural and Remote Ubiquitous Broadband Wireless Access

Principal Investigator: Dr. M. D. Selvaraj
Sponsor: UKIERI
Duration: 2 years
Value: 15.84 Lakhs (2000 UK Pounds)

Design, development and performance evaluation of enhanced air-cooling in electronic systems

Principal Investigator: Dr. S. Jayavel
Sponsor: DST
Duration: 2 years
Value: 12.50 Lakhs

Design, Development and Characterization of all-fiber Interferometer for Wavelength Interleaving and Temperature Sensing Applications

Principal Investigator: Dr. Naveen Kumar
Sponsor: DST
Duration: 3 years
Value: 16.92 Lakhs

5 axis STEP-NC (AP-238) Machining of Free Form / Irregular Contoured Surfaces

Principal Investigator: Dr. Arivazhagan A
Sponsor: DST
Duration: 3
Value: 12.55 Lakhs

Development of a Nanofluid Coolant for high heat flux devices with Mini-channel heat Exchanger.

Principal Investigator: Dr. B. Raja
Sponsor: DST
Duration: 3 years
Value: 12.64 Lakhs

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