Sciences and Humanities

The Department of Sciences and Humanities at IIITDM Kancheepuram brings together the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, and English under one roof. At present, the Department has 12 faculty members offering mandatory undergraduate courses and interdisciplinary research oriented courses for postgraduate and doctoral students. The department offers a carefully designed platter of courses crafted based on the design centric curriculum of the Institute. Sciences and Humanities is an intensively research oriented department and it offers PhD programs in Mathematics, Physics, and English. The PhD programmes of the Department give an opportunity to meritorious candidates to pursue their research interests in core, cross disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas.

The research team of faculty and scholars in Mathematics focus on areas like algorithms, graph theory, numerical linear algebra, and mathematical cryptography. The members of Physics stream are involved in research in areas like materials science-based defense and energy devices, photovoltaics, and fuel cells; materials modeling; fiber optics and photonics; solar and thermal energy applications; giant resonances of nuclei; and supersymmetric quantum mechanics. Research in humanities, represented by the stream of English, is focused on life writing, theories of self and identity, study of narratives, and philosophy of science and literature. The multidisciplinary ambience of the Department inspires students to think from different angles, thus honing their problem-solving skills significantly. The Department offers a vibrant research atmosphere augmented by excellent computational and experimental research facilities.